Wedding Dress Photoshoot with my Daughter | Abbotsford Children’s Photographer

I have been wanting to photograph my daughter in my wedding dress for as long as she could stand. I finally got the chance the other day, as my littlest one slept. It’s summer, she’s not in school, I’m caught up on editing (just kidding…that never happens), and I was feeling spontaneous. Unfortunately, she suffers from Photographer’s Child Syndrome (it’s real…I swear it!) which means as soon as I put the camera in her face, she either a) looks at anything else besides me b) makes silly faces or c) cries. Life is hard at 5. It really is. But the minute I showed her my wedding dress (and in fact, it was the first time she’d ever seen it) her eyes lit up. It was like she had never known her mommy was a real princess. I was the FIRST princess kid. Ask your Daddy.

I heated up the curling iron and brought out my makeup and we proceeded to spend the next few hours together hanging out, giggling and playing dress up. And what do you know, she did everything I asked her to while we were shooting, and she even pulled out a few poses of her own. #winning

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I will be offering these sessions as mini sessions for all the mothers and daughters out there. Please contact me for more details at

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